5Jacksonville, FL

“I love making zucchini linguine with this peeler! It is such a great substitute for pasta!”

4-5 San Diego, CA

“It’s simple and easy! I love being able to start making apple pies as the apples peel on their own.”

4-5 Fairbanks, Alaska

“I made shoestring fries for my party and everyone loved them!”

4-5Davenport, Iowa

“It’s so much easier to make apple pie or smashed potatoes with this machine.”

5Cumberland, Maryland

“I love the fact that it peels so many different fruits and vegetables. Awesome product.”

4 Vineland, New Jersey

“It’s such a neat product. I love that it is light and battery operated. I only wish it came with a power supply.”

5Springfield, Ohio

“I love it so much that I bought a second one. This is THE BEST peeler ever!!!!”

4 Kokomo, Indiana

“The only reason I did not give this wonderful little peeler 5 stars is because I couldn’t get it in the color I wanted.”

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